I have been out of school full-time for a little over two years now. As I look back I realize I missed out on a lot. The first semester as a college student I did what most kids were doing. I partied — hard! But unlike most kids, I nearly flunked out. My grades were terrible and it was because high school was so easy for me. I expected uni to be the same. I never studied and I procrastinated because I felt I worked better under pressure. But that was pure BS. In the years to come; I worked 20-40 hours a week, I took five classes a semester, I was in multiple student organizations, and I was in a committed relationship. When most people were handling this easily I didn’t, so I missed out on making the lifelong connections that everyone claims going to uni is all about.

1. Don’t worry about MONEY!
The money will come to you. Especially if you’re doing something that you enjoy. When I first graduated I had no clue what kind of work I wanted to get into. I struggled with what my purpose was but then I sat back and remembered how much I liked writing. Enjoy the journey. Grow into your strengths, they will keep showing you that they are there.

2. Know your worth
Be intentional. Stop going with the flow. Don’t allow people into your life that are not contributing to your growth. In school, it seemed so important to have friends all around you. But after school, it’s not worth it. Not everyone shares the same energy as you.

3. Take Ownership
If you make commitments, do not let them fall through! Don’t make excuses and always be on time. Stop expecting people to hold your hand all of the time. You are responsible for you.

4. Relax
Take a break sometimes, if you can afford it go on a vacation or a staycation. Taking breaks makes it easier to be the best version of you.

5. Uni was not a total waste
Take the things that you learned in school and build on them. Use your skills in order to research and self-educate yourself on the things that interest you. After graduating I felt lost and I felt like I wasted my time. As a business major, I felt like there were way too many fields to get into and I felt like I only learned how to work for someone else.

6. Dating is harder
I feel like I have to repeat this one. DATING IS HARDER. Dating is harder because you actually have to try. In school, you can meet someone that lives a few dorm rooms down from you and then he or she magically becomes your significant other with ease. After school, you have to date with intention. When you start looking there’s a lot more effort involved.

7. Don’t have too many expectations
You’ll be happier and you’ll be less stressed if you stop expecting so much from situations and people.

8. Reading is actually fun
I didn’t care about reading at all during school. In fact, I only read books because they were assigned in class. Now I love a good book.

9. Be conscious
This one is very self-explanatory. Be conscious of your spending. Be conscious of the energy you give off. Be conscious of your surroundings in order to be safe. Be conscious of the company you keep. There are so many things to be conscious of. Long story short, wake up and look around you and live in the now.

10. Stop looking for approval
Your parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends might not agree with what you’re doing in life but that’s okay. Make that leap, follow your passion, move to that new city, quit your job, cut your hair, invest in Twitter, date that person, build that company, become a rapper, and just be you.

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