This post was inspired by a conversation that I had with my best friend and I am dying to share some gems with you all.

Obviously by the title Be Open some people think about politics, religion, and possibly gender roles. But today’s post is not about any of those things at all. I want you all to think about things that you’ve thought that you wanted to do in your life but you haven’t. I want you to think about opportunities that you’ve passed up because you felt like they were too far-fetched and it was safer for you to sit in your mediocrity. Now I want you to expel those thoughts and forgive yourself for not taking a chance.

I want you to open your mind to the thought that your life is not over and you can still find a way to make your dreams come true; one way or another. Open your mind to solving your own problems.

At the ending of my degree program, I called my dad and I cried about not feeling like I belonged anywhere in the corporate world. I called my mom and had the same conversation. Their words are what propelled me onto the path that I am on right now.

In high school, my academic advisors pushed that getting a degree would make it easy to get a job. But what they never told me was that not everyone is meant to work to build someone else’s dream. I went to college, I received a degree, and I felt that that would solve all of my problems. I was going to graduate and get a JOB. Yay! The highlight of my life right? WRONG! I am not saying that getting a degree was a waste of time. I believe degrees are foundational tools that teach you how to persevere.

To get back on topic this is what I am saying. Open your mind to the idea that your dreams can make you feel so fulfilled and can make your bank account look very handsome. Your dreams that seem so simple can free you and allow you to be the person that you want to be. In my case, my mother always knew that I was a writer but I fought so hard not to be because I felt that I wouldn’t make any money as a writer. So I went to school for business in hopes to makes hundreds of thousands of dollars if I could get in with the right company. I felt I would be set for life. I got out of school and I made what people would consider good money. Ultimately I quit and made excuses as to why the company sucked. But the real issue was me. I wasn’t being true to myself and I wasn’t open to the idea that I would be able to write and make a living. So the cycle continued job after job. Until a light bulb went off in my mind and I realized that I knew all along that I had a calling. I have the tools and aquired skills to live and be happy in my chosen field of work. All I had to do was be open to the idea that anything is possible if I believe and spoke my truths into existence.

Don’t be afraid of your dreams. There are too many people out there that are not living up to their potential. Why should you be one of them?

10 Steps to Living Up to Your Dreams
1. Be open to them… duh!
2. Speak about them as if you’ve already accomplished them
3. Share your dreams with people you trust so that they can hold you accountable (but not too many people)
4. Make practical lists of attainable goals so that you can reach your dreams
5. Give gratitude every step of the way
6. Celebrate the small accomplishments
7. Make connections (meet people that can help you along the way)
8. Take breaks but don’t slack
9. Learn the difference between being busy and being productive
10. Don’t sell yourself short

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  1. Reading your article brought me to tears. As a young woman I excel in dancing and writing. I wanted to be a choreographer but my mother discourage me by telling me that you don’t see people of color in this career making a lucrative income I was also good at public speaking and writing but didn’t pursue either one. Your article has opened my eyes and I’m going to do what I always wanted to do which is write a book. I started one several years ago but never finished it you have given me the encouragement to finish my book Thank you Nadia

    1. I am so moved by your comment! Thank you for deciding to pursue your dreams. We all need a little push sometimes to make us see that it’s time to make changes. I am so happy and proud of you.

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