Sometimes I do this thing. I’m sure other people do it as well. I get overly comfortable with a pair of shoes and I will rock them EVERY SINGLE DAY if I don’t pay attention to what I’m doing. When I get into this mode I call the shoe my closet favorite.

The funny thing about getting into this mode is that it always seems to be a pair of Vans that gets me stuck for a while. I find ways to make the shoe match no matter what. I peacock a little; by wearing all white and then putting on a colorful shoe or in this case, my black platform Vans. I have been obsessed with platform Vans for a few months now and I finally bought a pair in January of this year. However, this pair has been a closet favorite for almost two weeks now. It’s so bad right now. I am on vacation and I packed four other pairs of shoes and yet I have managed to only wear these Vans every day.

I totally recommend the platform trend! Especially since I am vertically challenged!

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