Last year I read an interesting article about a man named Jeff Reitz. Reitz had set a record of going to Disneyland 2,000 days in a row. He began going to Disneyland every day as a way to just have fun. Yesterday; while on my last day of vacation, I decided to do almost exactly what Reitz had done and I went to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. To some that know me, this was no big deal. I practically lived in Disney World as a kid because of my many connections to get into the park due to living in central Florida. But yesterday was different.

I went to the park ALONE! Me, myself, and I! No friends. No family. Just me. At first, I felt like I would look like a weirdo all alone at the park. But, then I realized that this trip is about me and I’ll probably never see any of the other Disney guests again in life. I wandered through Disney’s Animal Kingdom on a rainy day (best time to go) all because I wanted to experience the fun by myself. If you read my post about self-love it will help you understand why I decided to do this. As I grow into myself, I now do whatever it takes to love myself more. Yesterday, I decided to enjoy my own company and it had to be the most amazing time ever. I do almost everything alone, but yesterday was a whole new ball game.

I had a blast and while looking at the beautiful graphics and engineering work on the Flight of Passage in Pandora (the ride that simulates flying on the back of a Ikran (Banshee) from the movie Avatar) I gave gratitude for the things that some of us take for granted the most. I gave thanks for the privilege of not having to spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy a day at Disney; I gave thanks for being able to see, smell (yes, the ride smells like a tropical rain forest and hint of Febreze lol), and feel all of the effects of the ride; and I gave thanks for how I decided to embark on this journey of self-love.

As I walked through the park, I recorded videos for my IG story and yet I managed to not get any pictures of myself. Oh well right. At least I’ll remember the time I went to Disney World alone forever.

What’s something that you have done alone, but felt was weird at first?

P.S: If you are of legal age and ever get the chance to go to Pandora – The World of Avatar. Be sure to stop at Satu’li Canteen and get yourself a Dream Walker Sangria! Thank me later.

Photo by TripAdvisor

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