It has been two weeks since returning from Aruba and I’ve had some time to reflect on how amazing my trip was. This year, my best friend and I decided to travel to Aruba as a way to celebrate a new achievement. My best friend obtained her master’s degree and we decided that the best way to celebrate was to go on a trip. With months of trying to decide where to go, we booked our flights to Aruba.

We spent seven days in Aruba and I swear, that was the best decision we could have made this year!

We barely got the chance to make it to our hotel before realizing how different the people were in Aruba compared to the states. Everyone was so much nicer. I guess that is why Aruba is known as “One Happy Island.” Everyone seemed so carefree, it was amazing.

No need for a wristwatch on this island. The only hour that is important is HAPPY HOUR! The drinks were top notch no matter where you went for HAPPY HOUR the bartenders were always attentive and friendly. Check out this liquid goodness below. Sadly, I can’t remember what they were called but we drank these at Azzurro Ristorante Italiano

We explored Aruba from one side of the island to the next while on a boat tour. We listened to great music and of course, had more drinks! Below is an image of the amazing sunset.

There was never a dull moment while on this trip. Renting tubes from Marcel’s Watersports, Partying at the Sand Bar, and getting tattoos this trip was one for the books.

Sidenote: I even found a gluten-free beer to drink while at lunch.

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  1. A beautiful recap of what sounds like a memorable vacation. After reading your blog I would like to visit Aruba soon.

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